Title; Cash Evator
Story; By Arthur Wasem
Form Pages; 1
Draft Date; 1/19/2023
Genre; Gameshow
Circa; Present
Budget; >1K
Logline; Cash Cab in a box. 
Synopsis; I was in the parking structure on the Sony lot off Overland in Los Angeles, riding down in the elevator when I heard someone say that they were on their way to do an elevator pitch. I remember thinking "has anyone really pitched in an elevator?"
Late last year as I was on my way to the Austin Film Festival the idea sprang into my mind again.
In Austin, I may have pitched it 200 times while riding on elevators.
Arriving back in LA, while going to FYC events I pitched it a couple more times. Both times the people I pitched it to said that was a great idea and I should actually pitch it.
Which I actually had just done. One day I woke up and said and said to myself, "I should write this down." Then my other self said, "Since you're pitching it you should register it."
The rest is history, or future?

© Copyright 2018 Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.