Title: Another Studio Story                                                     
Streaming Feature
Genre: Workplace Drama
Story By: Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.
Written By: Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.
Form Pages: 110
Characters: 1 (main), 8 (supporting), 15(bg)
Scene Locations:  9 (int), 3 (ext)
Original Draft Date: 9/20/2023
Circa: Turn of the century 1999-2000.

Trying to walk the line between the world and his faith a man discovers that God does work in mysterious ways.



People might not listen but they are always watching.


I have been aware for years of what happens when you Google my name. Recently I had my girlfriend ask Alexa who I am. She went off about me being a computer animator and working on Fox cartoons and the Simpsons, rotoscoping for movies and video games. Things I did about 30+ years ago. So I decided to combine all the companies I worked for and write Another Studio Story. 


Looking for a job we are introduced to our protagonist Trey. He stumbles into the perfect company, or so he thinks. He is hired and shown all the perks. Food is delivered to his workspace, a sleeping area for when he has to work overnight and so many friendly people.

Things begin to go south when they find out he is a Christian. The front desk person is replaced by a friendly person who believes she is a vampire and he is asked to remove his cross because it causes her physical pain.

He is then asked to do some extra activities like computer merit badges for the Boy Scouts.

Preparing for a party he upsets the art director who is the leader of a satanic coven.

The company has a meeting to see if they can get him to renounce God.

He is shown the company's cocaine and alcohol budget. Invited to a party he is roofied and then asked to explain why God allows bad things to happen. It is videoed and goes viral. 

Asked to go on a canoe float he is again hazed and left the next morning without a canoe. To apologize he is asked to go with a female and her children on a ski trip where the kids are almost mauled by a bear.

After months of this he is let go by the company is walked out of the building.

One year later at church, he sees one of the biggest antagonists and he explains that even though they tried everything they could think of he never backed down on his faith. After he left the company, it went completely downhill because when he left he took the "Light" with him. Anything proper and moral had left with him and they were left working in nothing but their filth. So to save the company they tried to implement the things he stood for. Many of which lead people to a life of faith.


This a computer animation and special effects company at the turn of the century. Drugs were not legal but anything went. Think Wolf of Wall Street meets Office Space.


I’m a writer, producer, and musician specializing in adventure with a faith undercurrent. My style could be best described as familiar and “I never saw it that way before”. I draw inspiration from life experiences and looking outside of the box. My main goal is to make a living as a producer, writer, actor, and part of Hollywood. I also have an interest in monetizing new media like I have done in music. I’m excited to work in Hollywood because of the storytelling sensibilities and taste. As a writer, I believe I offer a unique approach, perspective, and voice.

© Copyright 2018 Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.