Title: The Contraption (PG)
Story By: Laura Gow and Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.
Written By: Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.
Form Pages: Script (38) 
Draft Date: 7/29/2018
Genre: Teen Comedy
Circa: Present
Budget: 500K

Typical high school nerd meets the new girl in school. Yes, of course, she's his cousin who's family has left the commune and moved in with his family. They get kidnapped by a blimp stuck in time and together have to save the human race from its own pollution. Did I forget to mention the aliens and Bar B Que?



Sitting on a setin background holding one afternoon talking with a comic about screenplays I mentioned I had been writing a few for my girlfriend. She asked how I did it and I explained four acts and key events structure I was learning from my writing coach. We then filled out the acts and key events and I went home and the next day wrote it. 


I have a teen adventure set in modern times. 


Two cousins, a nerd from the suburbs of Kansas City, SHILO MATTY meets his cousin, raised on a commune, LOVE BUBBLES. Shilo’s Mother and Love Bubble’s mothers are identical twins except for the environment they live in.

Facing the problems of the world they use the most extraordinary methods to solve them. Looking like they are never going to work and having some other from far left field disaster arise they are able to solve both problems and a third also.

The show takes place in the world of Kansas City Mo. Love Bubble’s, being a vegetarian and from a place where everyone shares tries to adapt to the suburbs all the while being a teenage girl and living with her cousin who is very adept at technologies that boggle her mind.


I’m a writer, producer, and musician specializing in adventure with a faith undercurrent. My style could be best described as familiar and “I never saw it that way before”. I draw inspiration from life experiences and looking outside of the box. My main goal is to make a living as a producer, writer, actor, and part of Hollywood. I also have an interest in monetizing new media like I have done in music. I’m excited to work in Hollywood because of the storytelling sensibilities and taste. As a writer, I believe I offer a unique approach, perspective, and voice.

© Copyright 2018 Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.