Title: Deliveries of Death
Story By: Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.
Form Pages: Script (58)
Characters: Lead 2, Supporting 6, BG 16
Scene Locations: 66 (INT 53), (EXT 13) 
Draft Date:05/17/2022
Genre: Horror Comedy
Circa: Present
SFX Heavy

When an online delivery service is cursed, can anyone survive the item's murderous intent of everything killing everyone?


When Covid forced me to get a job for the first time in my life. Working for Dr. Evil, the only way I survived was by dreaming the way everyone I worked with would die by the items we were forced to pick, for people too lazy at 2:00 in the afternoon to put on their pajamas and go to Walmart.

Once upon a time, a voodoo priestess had her essential oils porched pirated. Cursing the thieves the curse past by them and entered the delivery van.

Every day when the vans went out for deliveries the items inside would come alive and kill the drivers.

One day, there was a hurricane that shook the building causing everything in the building to come alive and kill the employees.

Because of that the employees fought back they looked like they were going to win.

Because of that the items combined to make more horrible creatures.

Until finally the storm was over, the creatures were destroyed and only a few employees were left alive, but the curse wasn’t finished.

 Copyright 2018 Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.