Title: Paw LA
Story By: Paula Williams and Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.
Written By: Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.
Form Pages: Scripts varies 
Characters: Lead 1, Supporting 6, BG 7
Scene Locations:  11 (INT 6), (EXT 5)
Original Draft Date: 5/3/2019
Genre: TV NM
Circa: Present
After a recent divorce, a Southern empty nester decides to pursue her newly discovered talent for acting by moving to Los Angeles. However, she is forced to resort to dog-sitting on set.


I became interested in writing this show when my girlfriend came home the second time and told me about a dog getting out on set and stopping production. 

When that happened, I thought well why don’t they have a sitter on set? After all they have teachers for the kids and trainers for when they need animals on set. I know they use PA’s but that is not their focus. Her name is Paula and I have a habit of looking at names differently, blending them in new and interesting ways.

Thus Paw LA was born.


I have a single camera comedy in the vein of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

It’s called Paw LA and it’s about a recently single, 40+, Southern, empty nester who relocates to Los Angeles to follow her new found skill at actressing. She falls back on the only job she can find. Dog sitting.


The project continues to follow Paula (Paw LA) and her weekly background gigs as they are set on different types of shows, Each episode finds her with the same challenge. Somehow there is a dog that is on the set usually brought unexpectedly by talent and she saves the day by having her dream of being a set sitter.

Problems occur when the shows are disrupted by the dogs and Paw LA saves the day with each breed. Now the shows must up Paw LA to a day player and write her into the scripts or face havoc on the set. 


The show takes place in the world of Hollywood. Crime Drama’s, Sitcom's, Talk Show's, Game Show's, Sci fi’s, Musical's, Horror, Zombie, Monster, Western's, Family, Period and Present Day show's, on set and location, even animation.

Here only Paula and the puppies have names and everyone else is known by their titles, 2nd AD, Writer, Director, Day Player, Extra One, Crafty. Ect.

All the transition between scenes have a chorus that sings. “PAULA”  

Whenever Paw LA is introduced in a episode she has a signature wave. Each show ends Iris out to the puppies butt with the same wag/wave. The End, get it?


My main character is Paula (Paw LA)  She’s a middle aged empty nester who worked on a TV show shot in her town and decided when they left she would follow to the City of Dreams. Not realizing the difficulties and having an uncanny love and affinity for dogs she finds herself helping on every set she gets booked on until she is booked only because of her abilities and creates a position of set sitting. By the end of the season, they realize that hers is a talent that frees up the PA’s and other staff.

Other characters include the;

Directors and DP’s, who speaks a language that no one understands but makes everyone jump.

The 2nd ADs, who seem to be everywhere at the same time.

Crafty, who loves sneaking treats to Paula for the puppies.

The Writer, who seems to be on every show and is crushing hard.

Crew, they sit on apple crates, all have mustaches and beards and are glued to their phones.

Hair, Make-up, and Costumes, who are incredible at creating looks for everyone but themselves.

Other extras and talent, all pretty, pay no attention to anything going on and are constantly talking to each other.

We may introduce,

Producers and Studio Exec’s, who exude incredible cool and fear but come up insane ideas that have nothing to do with the shows being shot.

Line Producer, who’s only line is “No, it’s not in the budget.”

Over the course of the series we’ll see Production and Talent start to recognise Paula when she comes on set. The writer who begins pitching show ideas to Paula as a way to get closer begins to peak her interest and a relationship ensues.


This project is unlike any in its genre because of its throw back to sitcom’s of the 60’s and 70’s. Audiences will love the dog’s, the can do attitude, and the campiness and they’ll particularly respond to the “I know someone just like her.” I see it as a sitcom on a major conglomerate. That way we can shoot on other shows sets on the weekend without having to create our own. Part of the fun would be having the audience talk about the fact we are on Ellen, Goldbergs, NCIS, Price is Right, Blackish, Marvelous Mrs. Mazel, or whatever the studios can arrange. Plus cross promotion is not a new thing. The project will particularly appeal to 35 to 50 because ties to their childhood, they still watch TV now. It will also resonate with everyone who loves dogs.

The Pilot was written in 16 and a 23 page versions. 

A show bible for the first season is available. 


I’m a writer, producer, and musician specializing in adventure with a faith undercurrent. My style could be best described as familiar and “I never saw it that way before”. I draw inspiration from life experiences and looking outside of the box. My main goal is to make a living as a producer, writer, actor, and part of Hollywood. I also have an interest in monetizing new media like I have done in music. I’m excited to work in Hollywood because of the storytelling sensibilities and taste. As a writer, I believe I offer a unique approach, perspective, and voice.

© Copyright 2018 Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.