Title: Prime Passion
Genre: Family Adventure
Story By: Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.
Written By: Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.
Form Pages: 106 
Characters: Lead 3, Supporting 9, BG 30, Non Speaking BG 200
Scene Locations:  69 (INT 47), (EXT 22)
Original Draft Date: 10/04/2022
Circa: Present

At the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, one man attempts to save his family and embarks to bring them to America. 


I became interested in writing this show when Alex Prime (real name) approached me at church and asked me if I knew anything about the movie business. Of course, I answered, "a little". After he told me about his story I had to option it and write it.


When following your dream takes you into a nightmare.


This is a feature in the vein of Bullet Train meets The Sound of Freedom. 

It is a somewhat true story.


The project follows Alex his wife Helen and their 10-year-old son Max. Alex and Helen are architects in Russia and are very involved in their church. Alex has been in the military and the family is watching the rumors of the invasion of Ukraine. Alex is fluent in English and Russian.

When the invasion occurs they immediately start their plans to leave the country. Of course, no plan survives contact with the enemy and things go wrong from the beginning.

With all travel suspended from Russia, they have to find other means of escape which brings them to Turkey. A country hostile to Russian and English-speaking people.

Finding a expat they end up in the only Evangelical church in Istanbul until they can get a flight to Mexico.

To save money walking seems to be a good idea. After walking 500 miles in the jungle from Puerto Vallarta to Mazatlán they abandon the next 1500 miles and travel to Tijuana via bus and plane.

In Tijuana, Alex helps a Pastor who almost gets them killed and then meeting a coyote that takes them to Yuma, AZ. where they are picked up by ICE and detained for 5 weeks.

Being sent to Sacramento for processing they leave on weekends to Hollywood trying to find someone who knows anything about the movie industry. To no avail.

With no other hope they go to a church they have heard of and meet a tremendously talented and good-looking writer who after hearing their story decides to write it on spec.


The show takes place in Russia, Turkey, the jungles and deserts of Mexico, and the Western United States. The period is present. 


I’m a writer, producer, and musician specializing in adventure with a faith undercurrent. My style could be best described as familiar and “I never saw it that way before”. I draw inspiration from life experiences and looking outside of the box. My main goal is to make a living as a producer, writer, actor, and part of Hollywood. I also have an interest in monetizing new media like I have done in music. I’m excited to work in Hollywood because of the storytelling sensibilities and taste. As a writer, I believe I offer a unique approach, perspective, and voice.

© Copyright 2018 Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.