Title: Screaming at God

In Development

Story By: Arthur R. H. Wasem Sr.
Form Pages: Script (16)
Draft Date: 8/18/2017
Genre: Drama (PG-13)
Circa: 1990's

A true story about a man who used faith to not only quit smoking but to heal a church. A testimony to miracles that are still happening today.



I experienced this when I quit smoking and I was told to write a story that affected my life in a dramatic way. This was the first one that popped up. Well the first one I wanted to share.


I have a drama short or TV movie in the vein of Kingdom of Us. It’s called Screaming at God and it’s about a man who used faith to not only quit smoking but to heal a church. A testimony to miracles that are still happening today.


The project continues to follow myself and the volunteers at a small Southern California Church. Members of the Music, theater, set up, production and various church leadership positions.

as they try to support me in my decision to quit smoking tobacco products. Problems occur when they are asked to pray for me to quit and realize that they all have a similar problem they must deal with or face a feeling of being hypocritical.


The movie takes place in the 1990’s California to a group of 30 somethings that are primarily going to church for their children and business networking.

Here surf height, the newest car, the closest Neiman Marcus, and after church Bar B Que are more important than God. Until one of the people that God is speaking to decides to act.


My main character is Art (me)

He’s a crack up who is the Lead Guitarist in the worship band who wants to be like the others in church but coming from a crazy rock and roll background has a lot to learn. Like none of the people he wants to be like are what they seem to be. By the end of the movie, They realize that they want to be like Art.

Other characters include Pastor Dan the one who pushes me to a decision.

Over the course of the show we’ll see that everyone that I am trying to be like also has secrets to hide. They really want to more like me that I thought.


This project is unlike any in its genre because the thought that many in the church are hypocrites, but in reality they are hiding the imperfections like we all do in relationships.

Audiences will love how the seeking for truth exposes the need for it in us all.

And they’ll particularly respond to the end that it is really just a simple decision.

I see it as a small independent that may be a wonderful SVOD.

The project will particularly appeal to the Christian market because it is a universal theme that we all struggle with. It may also help those with concerns that are addressed in the project.


I’m a writer, producer, and musician specializing in adventure with a faith undercurrent. My style could be best described as familiar and “I never saw it that way before”. I draw inspiration from life experiences and looking outside of the box. My main goal is to make a living as a producer, writer, actor, and part of Hollywood. I also have an interest in monetizing new media like I have done in music. I’m excited to work in Hollywood because of the storytelling sensibilities and taste. As a writer, I believe I offer a unique approach, perspective, and voice.

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