The Contraption 

Teen Comedy (PG)

Typical high school nerd meets the new girl in school. Yes, of course, she's his cousin who's family has left the commune and moved in with his family. They get kidnapped by a blimp stuck in time and together have to save the human race from its own pollution. Did I forget to mention the aliens and Bar B Que?

Bunny and Dove

Animated Drama (PG-13)

Two animals, As different as can be learn to depend on each other and show that love means sacrifice.

The Flip

Coming of Age Teen (PG-13)

Based on a true story a freshman in high school who goes through a transformation from being a laughing stock to being a hero. Features Blue Oyster Cult. 


Script was a finalist in the So Create Single PageScreenwriting Contest.
Contest Entry (PG)
There once was a contest that wanted the entrants to tell a story about what it was like to be a writer in Los Angeles. Only limit was that it had to be one page. I entered.

Screaming at God

True Story Faith Drama (PG-13)

A true story about a man who used faith to not only quit smoking but to heal a church. A testimony to miracles that are still happening today.

Modern Manger

Christmas Drama (PG)

A angel has a mission, to save christmas for a young latch key boy and teach him to connect to others.

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