The Contraption 

Teen Comedy (PG)

When a  high school nerd meets the new girl in school, of course, his cousin they are kidnapped by a blimp stuck in time and together have to save the human race from its own pollution. Did I mention the aliens and Bar-B-Que?

Bunny and Dove

Animated Drama (PG-13)

Two animals, As different as can be learn to depend on each other and show that love means sacrifice.

The Flip

Coming of Age Teen (PG-13)

Based on a true story a freshman in high school who goes through a transformation from being a laughing stock to being a hero. Features Blue Oyster Cult. 


Script was a finalist in the So Create Single PageScreenwriting Contest.
Contest Entry (PG)
There once was a contest that wanted the entrants to tell a story about what it was like to be a writer in Los Angeles. Only limit was that it had to be one page. I entered.

Screaming at God         

True Story Faith Drama (PG-13)

One man’s faith heals a community.

In Development

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Modern Manger

Christmas Drama (PG)

A angel has a mission, to save christmas for a young latch key boy and teach him to connect to others.

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