Screaming at God

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One man’s faith heals a community.


This is the first film in the Slate. It is a >15 Minute short and will be available as a DVOD. Donation suggested VOD. Replicating the method Angel Studios has done with The Chosen, Sound of Freedom, and other films. It will be offered to ALL of the >64000 recovery groups in the United Sates and 119 countries worldwide. If half return a minimum of 30 dollars twice a year.

32000 X 30 = 960,000

X 2 = 1,920,000 per year is possible before expenses.

The Birth

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The prequel to the Greatest Story Ever Told.
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The Birth will be release on Thanksgiving Weekend and play until Christmas Eve.

I would like to Four-Wall it in 6 cities. Even through a domestic distributor suggested  a limited release. Using my skills developed over 20 years as a musical touring production manager. As we Tour/Open cities we will create a buzz.

It will only be offered in a Theatrical exhibition replicating the example Blumhouse has done with the horror genre except with the estimated 2 billion Christians worldwide..

Every subsequent year it will be released as a limited release to theaters that are connected to shopping Malls, for as long as we celebrate the Holiday of Christmas, becoming a family tradition. ROI Evergreen.


of Cyrene

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An introverted Greek linguist embarks on a trip meeting a man for whom he ultimately carries the cross to his death, and doing so redeems the world.
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Simon of Cyrene will release on Ash Wednesday 2025. and run till Easter (April 20th, 2025)

It will follow the 20th Anniversary of the Pasion of the Christ. We will market it the same way. Offering discounts to the largest churches and having meet and greets dinners for Pastors and churches in the largest cities previewing the trailers which we will create while we are shooting the Birth.

After the Theatrical release we will follow a traditional waterfall strategy as negotiated by our distribution partners again replicating the example ofBlumhouse

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